The Constitution of Imatari Otuho Community Association (IOCA) is the supreme governing document of the organization. Every member must sign adherence to it before membership can be approved.

Meeting ground rules (MGR) is another document that completes the constitution. Every member must also sign this document before participating in any IOCA meeting. The rules literally apply to meetings of all kind. 

Required Fees

IOCA needs money to operate or to work towards realizing its aspirations. All fees have to be paid for a member to be in good standing. Otherwise, failure to pay results in the said member losing stipulated membership privileges

Please print and complete this form, together with the meeting ground rule document, then mail to IOCA’s mailing address. All fees must be submitted directly to IOCA’s bank account.

This form, together with the membership application form, is to be used by members with children under the age of 18 years old. Please complete both documents and mail accordingly. 

Banking Form

This is the Pre-Authorized Payment Form (PAPF) that members will take to their banking institution in order for fees to be paid to IOCA. Do not mail this with your application forms!

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