Our Work

Delivering on its mission statement, IOCA organizes educational, cultural events and a civic engagement forum. We also collaborate with other similar organizations to perform for entertainment and exposure of the Canadian Otuho Cultural heritage. 

Otuho Traditional Dance

 Traditional dances uplifts our spirits higher than the applauses we get every time we perform on our own events or wherever we are invited. Contact us today for our next performance. Or let us know if you wish to see us perform at your organizational event. 

Civic Engagement Forum

Means to a prosperous society and public regulations are complex at times. Come to an IOCA organized civic engagement forum where these complexities are explained.

Otuho Language Instruction

Otuho culture comes with a rich ancient language. The number of people using this language today is diminishing with every decade. IOCA offers oral and written instruction for the archaic language. 

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