Otuho Culture Education

Welcome to our resource page! Here, we upload material to help you learn. Whether you are ethnic Otuhoni, an associate, or someone with vested interest in the culture, you have landed on the right page. 

read, write, and speak Otuho

Bellow are three first published booklets for learning how to read, write, and speak the Otuho language. Parents and guardians, these are meant for you to train your children at home. If you need help, contact us at admin@otuho.ca with clear message. The booklets are listed in order. Abuk etteri, abuk etarrihi, and abuk etahunihi, are the first, second, and third books consecutively. When you master the language, write a paragraph or record a short video in Otuho to admin@otuho.ca. Your paragraph or video will be shared here. NB: some nouns are written in various Otuho accents. 

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